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7 Ways to Bring Holiday Cheer to Your Hotel Room


The holiday season is upon us. If you happen to love the holidays but find yourself stuck in a hotel room, there is no reason to let the Grinch steal your Christmas Spirit. Use our list of 7 decorating tips to cheer up your hotel room while you are on the road.

1. Small Artificial Christmas Tree
Now this is not something we suggest for a simply overnight stay, but if you find yourself in the same hotel for 3 or more nights this is a great idea. Ask the hotel concierge where the closest Walgreen’s or CVS is to the hotel. Often times they will have inexpensive pre-decorated table top trees.

2. Holiday Window Clings
Yes, you heard us right. Holiday Window Clings! You know the ones. You can buy them in almost every drugstore, grocery store in the US around this time of year. They range from .99 to $3 for a whole sheet and you can get them in a variety of themes. They are easy to pack and take along on your trip. When you are ready to head home, simply dispose of them.

3. Holiday Pajamas
What better way is there to bring wonderful Christmas time dreams to sleepy time than with a nice pair of comfy Christmas Pajamas?!

4. Christmas Movies
Almost every hotel these days offers some sort of cable programming. Find the Hallmark Channel, ION, or Lifetime Network and settle in for a night of Christmas entertainment. This time of year they all show a variety of Christmas programming every night.

5. Instant Cocoa (with Marshmallows of Course!)
You can’t have Christmas movies without a steaming cup of hot chocolate! These days, most of your hotel chains provide coffee makers in the room as well as cups. Simply rip open a packet of cocoa mix and add hot water.

6. Festive Holiday Table Cloth
Yes, a table cloth. Easy to pack and it adds an instant air of Christmas to the room. Drape it over a table or even the desk in the hotel room. You will be surprised how much it will brighten up the room!

7. Smells of Christmas
We have given you ides to experience Christmas with 4 of your 5 senses, we would be falling down on the job if we left out your fifth sense, your sense of smell. With essential oils being all the rage it is easy to find those smells in a bottle that remind you of Christmas. Even easier to make your own “Christmas in a Bottle” spray to carry with you wherever you go! Here is our recipe, but feel free to use the scents that say Christmas to you.
                                            You will need:
Small glass spray bottle
1 or 2 small bottles of Essential Oil
Filtered Water

Choose which scent will be your base and which scent will be your accent. Place 10 drops of your “base” scent and 5 drops of your “accent” scent into the bottle. We like to use Cinnamon Bark and Clove essential oils, but you choose the scents that say Christmas to you. Fill the bottle with filtered water. Shake well before spraying. You can spray your lines, the AC vent, or just spray the room. Use it anywhere you want to bring the Smells of Christmas.