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  • Denise DelVecchio

A Virgin Cruise: 11 Reasons Why

By now, you all know who Sir Richard Branson is, but you may be wondering what all the hype is about his new cruise line: Virgin Voyages. First, there is no hype. It is all AWESOME!

In December of 2021, my husband and I were lucky to get the opportunity to sail on The Scarlet Lady. So here are my 11 reasons why you should get ready to join the party.

  1. NO KIDS As an empty nester, this has to be my number one reason. No kids at all. You must be at least 18 years old to cruise on a Virgin Ship. However, don't let that make you envision a ship full of geriatrics. Trust me, that is far from the crowd on board!

  2. Sun Salutations at Sunrise If you are into yoga (and I know many of you are), you will LOVE heading up to the Perch for open-air yoga. This secluded sun deck gives you 360°-views of the ocean while you strike a pose (Warrior Pose).

  3. Korean BBQ Gunbae is the name of the onboard Korean BBQ. It is no coincidence that this is Korean for cheers. Your server will have the whole table yelling "GUNBAE!" by the end of the night as you and your table mates compete in drinking games while you enjoy your BBQ. I emerged the winner at our table. Are you up for the challenge?

  4. Your Own Hammock on your Private Balcony These comfy hammocks are hand woven by artisans from Yellow Leaf. This organization (Yellow Leaf) fosters the empowerment of women in rural Thailand. So, if you have difficulty parting with the hammock, don't worry; they have them for sale in the ship's gift shop. The hammock on my balcony was one of my favorite locations on the ship!

  5. Get Inked at Squid Ink You read that correctly. Virgin has a tattoo parlor on board and two full-time tattoo artists. If you're not into getting a little ink at sea, they also have some cool swag for sale.

  6. Skip Breakfast and Go for Brunch Most ships have Dinner shows, but this ship gives you a Drag Show Brunch! This is a must NOT miss! It books up quickly so grab it when you can. Pay a little extra for the bottomless cocktails. The themed names will have you all in!

  7. No Dress Code You read that correctly, No Dress Code, ever. You are encouraged to dress in Red on Scarlet Night, but it is not required. Dress in what makes you feel comfortable.

  8. Shake for Champagne Make sure you have the App on your phone. That magic app and your wristband can have champagne following your all over the ship! Just shake and wait. You can also order food via the App as well. The location device in your bracelet allows the waiter to find you on board for delivery.

  9. Smoke-Free Casinos The Casino is 100% Smoke-Free. If you need to light one up while playing the tables, simply step into the "smoking room" at the back of the Casino.

  10. All Dining is Included Every restaurant is included in your passage. You will need to make reservations ahead of time, but don't worry if you can't get that prized reservation before you board. Sometimes cancellations happen, and you might be able to snag a seat. Just keep checking your app.

  11. Sundown at Bimini Beach Club Honestly, the whole day at the beach club was amazing. We were able to reserve a Rock Star Cabana. I ventured off into the crystal blue water for a bit, but we mostly relaxed and ordered drinks and food delivered to our cabana. As the sun started to set, we had the perfect front row seat to the lighting of the giant fire pit spheres and the strolling musicians singing with their guitar. Have I piqued your interest? What are you waiting for? Let's talk about sailing the Virgin Way... NO KIDS. Keep watching your in box for the NO KIDS travel opportunity we are building.


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